25 years old, an age being lived to the full. Twenty-five years old, an age that embodies youth without freezing it in time and heralds what is to come, often in mischievous and playful ways. Twenty-five years old, the age of a watch that is celebrating not so much a birthday as its eternal youthfulness.

It might in fact seem somewhat daring to ask the age of an object that tells you the time, meaning which situates you in time. Yet the Cape Cod watch handles all this – its age, its youth, its elegance, its inherently whimsical nature – with magnificent ease and aplomb.

This creation was born from a wild desire and a singular vision: that of a man who invented it by designing a square inside a rectangle. Easier said than done, yet Henri d’Origny achieved it by drawing inspiration from the Chaîne d’ancre link. Doubtless because he is a free spirit and because the watch he imagined – despite being more used to designing Hermès silk scarves – featured such a self-evident aesthetic

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