DUBAI WATCH WEEK Interview with Maximilian Buesser, Founder, MB&F

Dubai Watch Week : Where the World unites for a Moment in Time

Good morning, Maximilian. Thank you for welcoming us in sunny Dubai and taking the time for an interview. Let’s start with your Legacy Machine Perpetual Calendar – congratulations for winning the Calendar Watch prize at the GPHG (Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève) on the 10th of November in Geneva. What does it mean to you ?

Maximilian Büsser :

Every single one of our creations is a story. There’s a journey to it, and this one very much in particular. I met Stephen McDonnell in 2007, the third week of January. He was part of the little group of watchmakers who saved my company when our major supplier supposed to assemble our first movement, our Horological Machine number one (HM1) dropped us in the middle of the project. Stephen was introduced by my great friend Peter (Peter Speake-Marin). They were there to help me out and finalize the assembly and the finishing of that piece.

So, he’s one of the guys who saved

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