“Guilloché ” barley grain dial and gold movement Excellence is a matter of precision. To the degree, to the second. For this to be achieved, every trace of the e orts made must be stripped away. What is left is the glorious spectacle of an astounding timepiece. The genesis of the Ovale Pantographe is well-known.  The Parmigiani Fleurier workshops are home to many exceptional examples of the watchmaker’s art, but one in particular caused tremendous excitement. It was an oval pocket watch dating from 1780, fitted with a system in which two pawls in a cam enable the hands to extend and retract.  is technical feat piqued the Manufacture’s curiosity, leading it to explore its own ways of solving this challenge. Of course, the antique pocket watch itself held the solution. It was Parmigiani Fleurier’s task to transfer it to a wristwatch, which places more demands on this device, highly ingenious though it is, due to the range of positions the watch adopts throughout the day. The c

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