Happy Diamonds Joaillerie  When Valentine’s Day comes around, Chopard enjoys playing modern-day Cupid. Rather than silver arrows, its quiver contains a sprinkling of diamonds and rubies teamed with white gold. A bright ray of sunshine amid the grey of winter, Valentine’s Day is a dream occasion to reveal our feelings to the object of our affections. With Chopard as a messenger, tender confessions sparkle like promises of endless love.   Some say it with flowers, others with poems. Chopard unites the delicacy of the former and the romanticism of the latter within a watch. Framed by an 18-carat white gold case, the shimmering white textured mother-of-pearl dial of the Happy Diamonds Joaillerie model draws all eyes to the joyfully spinning five diamonds and five tiny ruby hearts that are a true Chopard signature. The stones are set on prongs – a new feature introduced to mark the 40th anniversary of the Happy Diamonds – and thus shine more brightly than ever. The brilliant-cut

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