For thousands of years, man has been trying to express the fragile beauty of the heavens in material form. A source of endless fascination, and a canvas for both spiritual and artistic endeavour, the infinity of its enigmatic immensity is not easily tamed, as those who have sought to capture it have found. How can so much subtlety, life and complexity ever be apprehended? For, from the finely curved lines of ancient celestial goddesses to the shameless gazes of our satellites, the Milky Way is a vibrant reflection of humankind and of its progress through time. Following the example set
by nature, the De
 Bethune Manufacture’s
 craftsmen have used an
artful combination of
elements and materials
to encapsulate in gold
and glass a few drops of
the essence of the skies.
 Dexterous fingers have
shaped a titanium mirror
and, through the flames,
an experienced eye has
brought forth its infinite
chromatic richness. Thisâ€

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