Jaquet Droz previews an exceptional timepiece at Baselworld 2017 designed with a tourbillon that embodies a past-perfect fusion of its supreme mastery in mechanics and adornments. Grande Seconde is the heart of the Jaquet Droz legend. A model harking back to the Enlightenment, this bold design was a permanent departure from watches that simply told time. Pierre Jaquet-Droz was the impetus behind time becoming a series of artistic moments of musings and journeys. The Grande Seconde carries the very essence of the 18th century when the brand known by its twin stars took flight. Now Jaquet Droz is putting a new twist on these iconic lines to create a new standard in women’s watches. Master craftsmen did this by choosing one of the most beautifully luminescent materials: mother-of-pearl. Fragile and delicate, it demands amazing dexterity to prevent chipping. With an age-old tradition of mineral dials, Jaquet Droz has all the expertise it needs to once again achieve flawlessness. The shimm

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