In the pool or on the racing track, every thousandth of a second counts.   That is why the four-time world champion swimmer, racing driver, watch-lover and embodiment of masculinity, Camille Lacourt, choses to wear the REBELLION Predator 2.0.   Camille Lacourt is a French swimmer specializing in the 50m and 100m backstroke. In 2011, he became the first French national to win a world championship in the 100m backstroke. Today, he is a 4-time world champion, father and racing driver in the Andros Trophy ice rally championship. The new ambassadorship comes off the back of the fresh timing partnership between REBELLION Timepieces and the Andros Trophy. Lacourt will be representing the newest version of REBELLION Timepieces’ Predator series, the Predator 2.0. The Predator 2.0 is a highly customizable, racing-inspired watch which is water-resistant up to 100m under water. With a choice between three extremely accurate, Swiss Made movements, four combinations of materials and countless

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