SIHH 2017

WATCHESPEDIA: How important is the SIHH for H. MOSER & CIE.? EDOUARD MEYLAN: I expect my answer is the same as the other Maisons: it is a key event! I think the SIHH is the opening event of the year. It is a fantastic platform, and it is managed by an extremely well-run team. This is the second year we have exhibited at the SIHH, and there is so much professionalism. We have access to international media in a well-structured and managed format. You know that when you meet people there, it will be the right people. Sometimes in Basel, you can spend an hour talking to people, and ultimately, they are just trying to sell an ad. I am of course aware of the importance of advertising, but we have to set priorities and fairs are really dedicated to customers and press. When you have meeting after meeting, it can be very tiring, and I think at SIHH we can really make the most of this presence. We have press conferences that give us access to many people that we could not reach out to otherwis

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