To mark the SIHH 2017, Enchanting Nature comes to life as never before on the new Lady Arpels™ Papillon Automate watch. Equipped with a particularly sophisticated automaton module, it depicts the random fluttering of a butterfly, moving in accompaniment to the movements of the watch’s wearer. A mutual relationship comes into being, as the hours slip by against a pastoral backdrop. The entire scene is illuminated by a wide range of traditional crafts, gathered together at Van Cleef & Arpels’ watchmaking workshops in Meyrin, Switzerland. In perfect harmony The moon is rising over a pastoral landscape. The silver orb is reflected on the surface of a pool, amid flowers and long grass. Fluttering in the breeze, a butterfly alights delicately on a corolla, its movement attracting the attention of a passing walker. The latter comes over and picks up the butterfly, which beats its wings quicker with ethereal grace. The walker sets off again with this new companion, which mirrors the rhy

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