HUBLOT GETS A GOLF LESSON FROM DUSTIN JOHNSON “A genius whose talent has finally been recognised. An athlete with a steely determination who perfectly embodies the philosophy of excellence and passion born from our state of mind; one where the good are separated from the best by talent, hard work, spirit, resolve and passion. Over 10 years, DJ has moved up the world Top 10, often coming tantalisingly close to realising his dream of a Major win. Destiny rewarded his talent in 2016, when all the ingredients for success coalesced perfectly, culminating in the excellence that propelled him to victory. His career has a particular resonance for us, in some respects mirroring that of Hublot. We always remember the day that “changed” our lives. And he also reminds us that each shot on the golf course is crucial; we need to constantly excel ourselves and start over.” Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot 2016, the start of a bright future for Dustin Johnson. Gaining his first Major title with victo

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