An emblematic model of the Jaquet Droz philosophy, the Grande Seconde is adorned with a new watchmaking complication: moon phase display. For thousands of years, Man has looked to the sky. The sun and stars, but also the moon, have allowed entire generations to find their bearings in this incredible adventure that is reading time. The only thing able to signal the passing of months, the celestial body emblematic of the night has earned its status among watchmakers around the world. A major complication, moon phases are a celebration on the wrist of this age-old history shared by all continents. In 2017, Jaquet Droz integrated the moon phase into one of its legendary models, the Grande Seconde, while remaining perfectly true to the silhouette of the timepiece whose two interlaced dials form a figure eight, the symbol of completion and plenitude, and lucky number of the brand known by its twin stars. It was a significant challenge with regards to the sophistication of the complication a

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