As Main Partner of Les Voiles, Richard Mille was present at the starting line, accompanying the 1,100 sailors who participated throughout the weeklong event. The brand also took this occasion to inaugurate its first boutique in the Caribbean. This year, the poster for Les Voiles was created by renowned street artist and Richard Mille partner Cyril Kongo. Painting on a vintage sail, Kongo approached it as he would any other type of surface: ‘because the cloth is more porous than canvas, the colour masses appear a bit worn, more pastel: it’s interesting. So, even after the fact, you can reconstruct how the work took shape, because the gestures and movements of the spray can over the sail take on a weathered appearance. It’s as though I had breathed life back into it, simply by inscribing “Les Voiles de St Barth” across it using my graphic vocabulary.’ Distributed among 70 crews competing in 9 different classes, the seafarers all set sail under middlin

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