As well as beautifully measuring every moment on Earth; this collection follows the phases of the moon, which makes perfect sense given that the Speedmaster was the first watch ever to be worn on the lunar surface. As a Master Chronometer, the Moonphase celebrates another pioneering moment: OMEGA s exacting new standard of testing set by METAS. THE MOONPHASE UP CLOSE The bold use of colour gives each Moonphase its distinctive look. Along with an opaline silvery dial model, there are also dials in sun-brushed black brown, blue or grey. The ceramic bezels also provide plenty of attractive options in black, brown, blue and green. The cases are in stainless steel, 18K yellow gold or 18K Sedna™ gold and the twin two-handed subdials give the watches a beautifully symmetrical look. LUNAR PRECISION A brief astronomy lesson: a lunar month is not 30 days, but slightly more than 29.5 days. A difficult time-span to manage for a standard gear train, but OMEGA s Moonphase is up to the task. I

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