TAG Heuer

#MondayMonday. This is the name given to the new operation launched by TAG Heuer on its website. The idea? Limited numbers of unique items and experiences will go up for sale online, all over the world, on the first Monday of the month. Announced during the weekend preceding the sale, the item will be sold at a fixed price, on a first come first served basis, or by auction. All the profits from each sale will be donated to a chosen charity. A new concept that will allow TAG Heuer to set a regular connection with its digital community, preparing its e-commerce expansion. This second sale will take place next Monday on the 05th of June. 15 jerseys of the Amgen Tour of California, designed and signed by Alec Monopoly, “Art Provocateur” for TAG Heuer and sealed under a frame, will be sold for 350 CHF each, on tagheuer.com. Made by ASSOS, the jerseys combines drawings of timepieces and street-art codes. The sales will start at 04pm CEST. All the proceeds will be donated to the

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