HYSEK UNVEILS ‘SKELETONISED JEWEL-SETTING’ WITH A UNIQUE PIECE: THE “IO TOURBILLON JOAILLERIE D’ART” Hysek has already taken the art of skeletonisation to extremes. Now, the firm has unveiled a unique jewellery watch that also incorporates skeletonisation, thus laying the foundations for a whole new form of watchmaking art: skeletonised jewel-setting. The Hysek manufacture has always devoted equal amounts of attention to the technical and aesthetic aspects of its craft. As one of the last remaining fully-independent Fine Watchmaking manufactures, it has asserted its own particular aesthetics ever since its earliest days; the brand has constantly made use of high-flying complications such as the tourbillon, double tourbillon, perpetual calendar, chronograph, and large date, combining them with a characteristic and imposing style. One of the distinctive features of this Hysek style soon proved to be its new approach to skeletonisation. Not only have movemen

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