Altiplano Ultimate Concept 2mm of exceptional horology for the world’s thinnest mechanical watch ! The year 2018 will prove an excellent vintage for the Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Piaget! Demonstrating inexhaustible vitality in its quest for infinite slenderness, the Maison is establishing two world records setting the crowning touch to the 60th anniversary celebrations of its iconic Altiplano collection. The first with the Altiplano Ultimate Automatic, the world’s thinnest self-winding watch at just 4.30mm thick. The second with the Altiplano Ultimate Concept, developed by the Piaget “Research and Innovation” division: the world’s thinnest mechanical hand-wound watch at just 2mm thick, the same size as the historical movement – Calibre 9P – to which it pays eloquent tribute. A new high point in the quest for supreme thinness, stemming from a combination of tradition and creative strength. This technical and aesthetic prodigy stems from f

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