Its name resonates with all the strength, the joy and the magnetic charisma of a highly distinctive, quintessentially de GRISOGONO collection. The legendary outlines of this now iconic model have earned it a place among the greatest feminine timepieces. ALLEGRA appeals and entrances, embracing the skin and symbolising the unconditional attachment of true love. It is in turn surprising, daring, unexpected and timeless. It is free-spirited and bold. It reinvents itself without ever losing sight of its veritable nature, jealously safeguarding that which makes it so truly unique. Fawaz Gruosi naturally entrusted his first ever jewellery collection with the name of his daughter. Twenty-five years after the creation of de GRISOGONO, the ALLEGRA jewellery design continues to evolve under the aesthete’s eye of its creator. An icon of its era, an icon in step with the times. ALLEGRA 25 JEWELLERY TIMEPIECE Forming an infinite circle, a woven gold ribbon graced with delicately interlacing

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