In an extraordinary feat of intricate craftsmanship, Graff’s master watchmakers have created the Graff Floral timepiece, an exquisite watch featuring the balletic dance of captivating, colourful flowers. Three of the enchanting blossoms positioned at 8 o’ clock, 10 o’ clock and 1 o’ clock continuously rotate, in a graceful, hypnotic and mesmerising display of horological prowess and lively elegance. This romantic and feminine design combines all of the world’s most complex métiers d’art techniques: enamel painting, micro-painting and extraordinarily intricate diamond setting – bringing the world’s most sophisticated artisanal savoir-faire to an extremely wearable timepiece. Our enduring fascination with colour spans all cultures, all centuries – with different shades influencing us in surprising ways, stimulating our senses, evoking meaning and inspiring a range of emotions. The Graff Floral is available in four distinct colourways: pi

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