Maurice Lacroix’s promised new piece is finally here. Two years after the launch of the quartz version, this historical model has been given a new, sharper look with an auto- matic movement, giving rise to the AIKON Automatic and AIKON Automatic Chrono- graph. Renowned for its high-quality designs and its innovation, watch brand Maurice Lacroix has worked the AIKON to give it finishings of unparalleled perceived value. For the first time, Maurice Lacroix is presenting a complete range of AIKON watches with automatic movements: a three-hand model with a date function, and a chrono- graph with day and date. Although based on the design of the AIKON quartz, Maurice Lacroix has created a whole new watch. Impactful design The AIKON collection is the descendant of the Calypso. This benchmark piece—the brand’s best-belling model of the 1990s—already incorporated the AIKON s main dis- tinctive features: the integrated water-resistant case, the flat sapphire crystal enc

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