The promise of the road ahead is something powerful for motorcyclists. What lies around the next bend begs to be explored, the view from the top of that mountain needs to be seen, the dinner and drinks with your fellow riders after a long day of riding beckons. There is a definite spirit of adventure when you sit in the saddle and start that powerful engine. As you ride, you and your motorcycle become one, and together fuse with the road. The act of taking the time to ride through unique landscapes is an exhilarating experience and feeling. Riding alone is like meditation, the concentration on actually operating the motorcycle reduces outside problems to specks and allows your unconscious mind to find solutions and see things in a “big picture” way. Riding a motorcycle opens your mind while demanding your full attention. The sights and smells are more vivid, more immediate, impossible to miss. Riding motorcycle with friends brings you closer together, sharing the experienc

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