Graff’s latest GyroGraff timepieces take on a new perspective, with inspiration ignited from the Graff family’s passion for cars. Three unique scenes capture this high-speed world by putting the wearer in the driving seat. A highly original take on a watch dial, each one is an intricate work of art showcasing some of the world’s most complex métiers d’art techniques. One offers an inside-the-cockpit view of a race at night, the technique of marquetry was used to carve out the carbon dashboard, while the timepiece’s double-axis tourbillon is transformed into the steering wheel. Another design shows a vintage car, emblazoned with the number 8. The driver and the steering wheel have been crafted using different levels of cut out appliques, each element has been hand painted using the technique of peinture miniature. The third new GyroGraff timepiece, in warm rose gold, features a car speeding through the city at night under an aventurine sky, with the doub

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