While highlighting the signature symbols of the Long Island



While keeping its very strong DNA, the new born Vanguard 7 days power reserve skeleton provides a mesmerizing view on an in-house crafted mechanical treasure. The bridges hand-chamfered to perfection reveal not only the manufactured movement of the watch but also a second counter at 6 o’clock. The architectural and geometric open worked bridges have been designed for watch lovers to admire the mechanism in its entirety. Alongside the unique design of its body that reaffirms the sports attributes of the Vanguard collection, the famous open worked hands punctuates this new design with its seamless into the dial. Wholly designed and manufactured in-house, the balanced design of the Vanguard 7 days power reserve skeleton showcases the passion for crafts, a symbol of the Franck Muller manufacture. Now offering a 7 days power reserve, this new model asserts its performance and reliability while introducing a new design. The new Vanguard 7 days power reserve skeleton connects new aggre


The most prestigious version of Memoris is back – Red Eclipse. Now boasting a rose gold case and fully hand-engraved, with a lunar eclipse theme, this new interpretation wonderfully offsets the dominant blue of the astral micro-painting that adorns the dial. The new version of Memoris has the same distinctive characteristic as the earlier models: making the chronograph the primary function of the timepiece, instead of just a complication. After three years of developments, Ateliers Louis Moinet went about things just as the inventor of the chronograph did in his day: taking a completely different approach to watchmaking, rather than attempting merely to improve on an existing model. Indeed, that’s how Mr Louis Moinet himself invented the chronograph and was the first to incorporate the use of high frequencies – just one of his many remarkable achievements. Memoris shifts the whole of the chronograph function to the dial, structuring it around three guiding principles


The Longines Master Collection is inviting colour onto its dials As a traditional watchmaking company, Longines has been producing exceptional timepieces since the very beginning. The Longines Master Collection is the perfect contemporary illustration of this concept, as demonstrated by the success of this collection since its launch in 2005. The Longines Master Collection blends classic elegance and excellence, for the greatest pleasure of watchmaking enthusiasts. Today, Longines is presenting new pieces in which coloured dials take center stage. These gray and blue models add a new variation to the rich array of models offered in The Longines Master Collection.


Introducing the Marine Torpilleur, a light, modern Marine timepiece for those who captain their own destiny. In the 19th century, when explorers roamed the oceans, the pocket chronometer was the captain’s watch, a mark of his rank both on shore and off. Ulysse Nardin’s pocket chronometers were among the most coveted – prized by naval officers and merchant captains the world over. That vibrant marine history led to the creation of the iconic Marine Chronometer, the ultimate expression of technical performance and beautiful design. Now comes a new generation chronometer, made for the modern era: the Ulysse Nardin Marine Torpilleur. Named for the small, fast ships of that earlier era, whose agility ensured they easily outmaneuvered bigger ships, this is a timepiece for contemporary explorers. A lighter, thinner version of the iconic Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer, the Marine Torpilleur is made for a young, less formal age. It has dynamic appeal, certainly, yet is supp


On the flip side, almost two millennia of history; on the front side, an extremely contemporary mechanism. A pair of extraordinary and indeed unique creations combining Fine Watchmaking, High Jewellery and rare currency. Two secret watches – an Octo and a High Jewellery pendant watch – interpreting Bulgari’s cherished Monete theme. More than mere timepieces, both are objects distilling and conveying the history of Rome, from Antiquity to the present day, playing with symbols, merging improbable elements and transforming them into a certainty… They tell a singular story: that of Bulgari and its roots deeply embedded in classical Greek tradition associated with Roman culture. Ancient Greek and Roman coins are one of the powerful hallmarks of the Rome-based jeweller. In the 1960s, the Maison began incorporating within its jewellery creations these witnesses to history, objects of culture and eternity. The collection named Monete has been interpreted through the decade