A new world preview from the panerai laboratorio di idee: the first watch case made entirely of BMG-TECHTM , a metallic glass with excellent characteristics of strength and durability which enable it to preserve its appearance over time.

The Panerai Laboratorio di Idee presents an invisible but revolutionary innovation, resulting from its continuous research into design and new materials: BMG-TECHTM. The secret of this material, which has been used to make the case of the new Luminor Submersible 1950 BMG-TECHTM 3 Days Automatic, lies not so much in its appearance – which is similar to that of titanium but darker grey in colour – as in its atomic structure, which provides a range of very useful qualities for an underwater watch: extreme resistance to wear, high strength and great lightness.

BMG-TECHTM – the material of which the case, bezel, winding crown and associated protection device are made – is a metallic glass (Bulk Metallic Glass), that is a material made from a special g


MCT Watches presents the Sequential Two – S200 Bronze, a 10-piece limited series forged from an alloy known for 5,000 years for its exceptional resistance: bronze.

The Sequential Two – S200 Bronze combines the post-modern architecture of its dial with the patinated sensuality of its bronze case. Epitomising the encounter between age-old expertise – bronze metallurgy – and the latest horological technologies developed in the MCT Watches workshops, this elegantly sized model features a 44.6 mm-diameter round case.

Anti-magnetic and resistant to wear, to deformation as well as to corrosion by seawater, bronze is a favourite material among ocean-going adventurers. An innovative surface treatment has enabled the teams at MCT Watches to stabilise the oxidation of bronze, thereby ensuring that the patina of the Sequential Two – S200 Bronze is equipped to withstand the test of time, both on land and at sea.

The black dial background that is also picked up on the crown effectively high


It is recognisable at first glance by its round case enhanced by two dainty elongated asymmetrical lugs, its voluptuous curves highlighted by a bezel set with gently graded round diamonds, as well as its pure dial gracefully punctuated by slender Roman numerals. And if by chance there were to be any lingering doubts as to its identity, they are unequivocally dispelled by its gold bracelet. An authentic contemporary signature, the Limelight Gala is the epitome of absolute femininity according to Piaget: inherently elegant and supremely sensual. A stunning Piaget creation Born in the 1970s, a period pervaded by freedom, boldness and extravagance, the Limelight Gala bears eloquent testimony – alongside cuff-watches and sautoir-necklace models – to the inimitable Piaget style based on a powerful design vocabulary that appealed to the jet-set and countless celebrities of the time. Buoyed by the boundless creativity of the Maison, it symbolises immutable feminine elegance, while also as


Treasure of the seas

To mark the SIHH, the Maison is highlighting its High Jewelry savoir-faire with unique watches recently completed at its workshops. Inspired by the beauty of the sea, the Heure Marine piece combines the technical prowess of a secret watch with the delicacy of a feminine jewel.

The Heure Marine watch makes a strong first impression, immersing the gaze in the blue of sapphires thanks to two Sri Lankan stones weighing a total of 27.34 carats. With their distinctive sugar loaf cut – where the softness of a cabochon is complemented by four ridges – they also stand out for their intense color and the quality of their crystallization. Two rows of buff-topped sapphires form a gradation of blues to highlight the curves of the piece, whose heart reveals a dial in mother-of-pearl. Delicately hugging the curves of the wrist, the bracelet depicts a treasure chest nestled in a precious hollow: its diamond lid can be opened by pressing an emerald cabochon, to reveal the tim


Total uniformity of colour

This Cartier evening watch was inspired by a set of 15 rubies. A glittering accessory designed for the dawdling hours of the day, dusk descends yet the fire of the gemstones appears to ignite. The 15 rubies, with a total weight of 24.93 carats, exhibit a remarkably uniform colour: an intense deep red with a diamond-like sparkle partnered by the orangey-pink hue specific to Mozambican rubies.

An ash of light

When carefully lined up for inspection on a workshop bench, the gems form a neat row, but they seem to slumber. Shaken awake by the touch of a hand, the stones suddenly blaze to life as the rubies catch fire in the light, their jostled profiles exposed in the chaos. It is this ash of fire, described in French as a “trait d’éclat”, that the master craftsmen reproduce in the finished piece. The rubies weave around the watch in a glittering ribbon accentuated with baguette-cut diamonds, curling around and caressing the dial that softly blends into th