Hysek is pursuing its adventure in Fine Watchmaking for women. A year ago, the independent manufacture announced Kalysta, its very first fully in-house ladies’ collection; today, the brand has unveiled an Haute Joaillerie version, featuring an innovative style that’s right in keeping with the Hysek spirit. Kalysta is the fruit of a pure aesthetic vision: set jewels. Bearing in mind that women are more sensitive to creative touches than to mechanical sophistication, the manufacture has thought first and foremost in terms of shape, diamonds, brilliance – and emotion. It has taken the Hysek manufacture the best part of twenty years to create its first women’s collection, building on all the technical and aesthetic maturity acquired by the firm over that period. The result is the Kalysta collection, which first saw the light of day in 2016. Presented at Baselworld, Kalysta was immediately acclaimed for its intrinsic qualities: a design that’s pure poetry, bas



A masterpiece of watchmaking craftsmanship, the new automaton revealed by Jaquet Droz is truly a piece of art come to life, presenting an allegory of love and nature. This new creation, named the “Loving Butterfly Automaton,” tells a story, that of genius watchmaker, Henri-Louis Jaquet-Droz, who, 242 years ago, created an android automaton delivering breathtaking sketches – including a cherub seated on a chariot drawn by a butterfly, celebrating love and passion. It is the story of the Jaquet Droz designers, craftsmen and watchmakers who decided to draw inspiration from this sketch for contemporary designs, first as painted enamel, then as sculpture, and today as an automaton watch… And the story of watchmakers who develop and painstakingly assemble an exclusive mechanism, of passionate craftsmen who sculpt and engrave each component of this animated piece of art by hand… The story of a brand that never ceases to astonish. As part of the prestigious collection of


Hublot’s watchmaking expertise and creativity know no limits The 1st Hublot multi-axis tourbillon designed for unique visibility All-new case and movement made at the manufacture With its new Manufacture Piece (MP), Hublot is pushing back the boundaries in terms of multi-axis tourbillons. The MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis is thus the result of a powerful idea: to provide a maximum of visibility on the tourbillon—and its fascinating double rotation—by designing a fine watchmaking movement devoted to this objective, and then creating an original case that highlights the 100% manufacture calibre. Here, the function defines the form. This perfectly reflects the prevailing philosophy in the design of all of Hublot’s “MPs”, namely to develop an exclusive movement dedicated to a function and to design specific external parts to highlight this motor. “With our Manufacture Pieces, we are taking the expression of our watchmaking savoir-faire very far and mak


Bell & Ross watchmaking firm is an essential point of reference in the field of professional aviation timepieces. Its iconic square watch with graphic lines was released in 2005. Today, the brand takes a further step by launching the BR03-92 Horograph and the BR03-92 Horolum, two models that are an invitation to travel. Their functionalist dial fulfils the mission of displaying time with the utmost efficiency. A minimalist Bauhaus-inspired design The new BR03-92 Horograph and BR03-92 Horolum t perfectly in the Bell & Ross family of watch-instruments. Travel is their passion, and optimum readability their goal. Their cases, designed in a contemporary style, retake Bell & Ross’ iconic “circle within a square”, reminiscent of the clocks in aircraft cockpits. Aesthetically, these timepieces adopt one of the great precepts of design: “shape induced by function.” Bauhaus, the legendary German school of fine arts is at the origin of this movement characterized by an abundance of ri