Ulysse Nardin

Very robust, very functional, very technical, very sporty: introducing the remarkable new hero piece of the iconic Ulysse Nardin DIVER Collection — a resolutely masculine, highly reliable professional diving instrument and an exceptionally bold sports watch, loaded with unprecedented technical specs, including a helium escape valve and water resistance to 1,000 metres. Ulysse Nardin’s links to the sea run deep. A recognized pioneer of watchmaking innovation since 1846, the Manufacture’s early renown was built on the peerless precision and reliability of its marine chronometers – essential navigational instruments that helped seafarers determine longitude by means of celestial navigation. The Manufacture is equally renowned for what it has achieved underwater, with its solidly built and unabashedly masculine Diver collection.


This Grand Prix de Monaco Historique will mark the 11th edition of this prestigious event. The Organizing Committee and the Historic Department of Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM) have already made three crucial decisions. Following a request by drivers willing to enter pre-war cars, the A-series (organized in 2016 as a demonstration event) is coming back, as a race, in order to become THE unmissable world meeting for this category of Grand Prix cars, which were called “Formula 1” as soon as World War II ended. The Sport race has also been rethought, in order to present a panel of the most beautiful sportscars of the first after-war decade. Finally, the smallest single-seaters (Formula Junior and F3), for which Monaco represented kind of a World Championship, will not be part of the 2018 program. Including the pre-war A-series, over 180 Grand Prix cars will be selected for both their historical value and their degree of authenticity. They will enter proper races on the myth

Vacheron Constantin

Flying. A dream that dates back to the earliest days of humankind. After countless mythological, epic and sometimes incredible attempts, the dream at last came true in the late 18th century. The first “aerostatic experiments” successfully defied gravity. How many secrets of the much dreamed of and imagined kingdom of the skies would they reveal? Courage, genius as well as a touch of madness fired the early and intrepid balloonists known in French as aérostiers. Joyful crowds cheered these amazing hot-air balloons lifting off into the air. The Métiers d’Art Les Aérostiers collection by Vacheron Constantin pays tribute to this exhilarating chapter in history. On the scale of a watch dial, the master engravers of the Maison also accomplish an authentic feat: faithfully reproducing in miniature the historical depictions of five flights undertaken in France between 1783 and 1785. Splendid hand- engraved and micro-sculpted gold hot-air balloons hover against a transl


LUMINOR 1950 TOURBILLON MOON PHASES EQUATION OF TIME GMT – 50mm THE ASTRONOMO – LUMINOR 1950 TOURBILLON MOON PHASES EQUATION OF TIME GMT IS THE FIRST OF OFFICINE PANERAI’S CREATIONS TO HAVE MOON PHASE INDICATION AND AN INNOVATIVE SYSTEM USING POLARISED CRYSTALS TO INDICATE THE DATE. A REMARKABLE NEW MADE-TO-ORDER TIMEPIECE WHICH CAN BE PERSONALISED, ENHANCING THE SERIES DEDICATED TO THE GENIUS OF GALILEO GALILEI. Innovation and high quality watchmaking are combined in the new L’Astronomo – Luminor 1950 Tourbillon Moon Phases Equation of Time GMT, the latest creation dedicated to Galileo Galilei. A Luminor 1950 case, whose iconic design is part of the fascinating history of Officine Panerai, encloses a concentration of technical solutions which demonstrate the ability of the Florentine brand to interpret traditional complications in ways which are always distinctive, bringing innovation into the world of high quality sports watchmaking. The first Panerai L’Astro


The Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Chronograph WT offers it all – an in-house chronograph and the useful world time complication – perfect for the world traveler. It not only features the two chronograph pushers, but it has an additional crown at 10 o’clock to control the rotating city disc, which you can set to the city you are in, and immediately see the time in 23 other cities around the world. World time watches can be a struggle to read, which is why the Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Chronograph WT is a generous 44mm, which enhances its readability. The watch is less than 13mm thick and the case is titanium, a light yet highly resistant material that makes the model comfortable on the wrist, and has a warmer tint than steel.

The élégante by F.P.Journe

Available in 7 colours, the élégante by F.P.Journe is the watch dedicated to women. A colour matching (for) the personality of each woman, white, powder rose, chocolate, kaki green, turquoise, midnight blue and light blue, with 1 row of diamond and ceramic inserts assorted to the rubber strap. The élégante will unquestionably seduce each woman by its unique character and the magic inherent to F.P.Journe creations; it allows time to be stopped and started again ! The élégante by F.P.Journe embodies the intelligent watch. This electromechanical watch is fitted with a mechanical motion detector visible on the dial at 4h30. After 30 minutes motionless, the watch switches to standby mode in order to save energy and its hands stop turning. During the standby mode, the microprocessor continues to measure time, but the mechanical elements – gear train, rotors and hands, stop moving. As soon as it is worn again, the hands automatically set themselves to the correct time; taking the


The actress and model designed the campaign in her image. In the presence of lions, Cara demonstrates her strength and humility. She conveys power and fragility, her passion for the king of beasts evident. The image was shot in South Africa by David Yarrow, the illustrious fine art photographer who specializes in capturing the beauty of endangered animals. This campaign carries a message of respect, support and strength towards animals. TAG Heuer has created an intense campaign, fearless, feminine and contemporary. TAG Heuer is delighted to be able to unveil its new advertising campaign, starring the sublime Cara Delevingne. It shows Cara, full of confidence, her gaze piercing, with her back against a lion. This unique and disruptive visual, created without any special effects, catches the eye, just like the Swiss watchmaker. Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer and President of the LVMH Group Watch Division, stated: “I am delighted with the result of this new campaign. It shows Cara a